The Mouth Watering Dominos Pizza in Malaysia

Dominos Pizza Promo

"There's no feeling better than a warm box pizza on your lap"

- Kevin James -

The Mouth Watering Dominos Pizza in Malaysia - We all know and love Dominos Pizza delivery promo. Dominos is perhaps the most famous pizza restaurant in all of Malaysia. Actually, let us rephrase that, dominos is amongst the most popular pizza restaurant chains in the entire world. We know that Dominos primarily serves Italian dishes. Their primary dish around which their menu is based is Pizza.

There is something about Pizza that the entire world is in love with this Italian invention. I guess the Italians are just as good at making new recipes, as they are at making race cars. But a fun fact here. Even though Dominos serves Italian food, it is actually an American company with its headquarters at Michigan.

Yes, I know it might sound surprising for some people that dominos is not an Italian company. So how did this happened? How can an American company capitalize on an Italian product? Good leadership and innovative approach I guess. A reason for their success is that they adopt or let's say evolve their menu according to the local cuisine and tradition.

They did the same here in Malaysia. Chances are that if you were given a pizza made strictly according to the original Italian recipe then you would not like it. Dominos knows this and so they evolve their recipe accordingly. Wherever they go, they take the local taste into account and then adjust the recipe accordingly.
In this article, we will review the top 3 pizzas you can have at Dominos Pizza promo in Malaysia. So let's get started and see which three pizzas made it to our top 3 list.


Dominos Pizza Promo in Malaysia
We all know how much Malaysians love seafood. So it makes sense to start with a pizza that has some sea offerings in it. In my opinion, its Flaming Tuna that is one of the best-tasting fish-based pizzas you can have at dominos. As the name might have already given you a clue, this is a tuna based pizza that is really spicy. For those who love having seafood and who also love having spicy food, this is the pizza to have. It's flaming spicy hot and we all know tuna is always delicious. You won't need to sprinkle chili pepper on it as it comes with red hot chilies as toppings. You can imagine the level of mouth smacking spiciness when you are getting red hot chilies as toppings. Hot isn’t it? You can also enjoy this Hot and spicy tuna flavoured pizza by ordering online via FoodPanda Malaysia for the quickest pizza delivery to your workplace or home from the nearest Dominos


Dominos Pizza Promo in Malaysia

I bet, you will be hard-pressed to find even a single person who says he or she doesn't like chicken. This is a pizza that was made especially for chicken lovers. Personally, this is my favorite pizza. I also like having tuna based pizza and sometimes I even adore prawns on my pizza, but my ultimate favorite is Chickensaurus. And this is no ordinary pizza where you get some boiled chicken pieces on top of the pizza. It comes loaded with chunks of hot and spicy pieces of roasted chicken. Then you get also chicken pepperoni on the pizza. The most incredible part of this pizza is however not the chicken and mushrooms, it's the smoky BBQ sauce from Dominos. There is something about this sauce that it makes every chicken pizza tastes a hundred times better. There is simply no match for this sauce from dominos pizza promo.


Dominos Pizza Promo in Malaysia
What if someone said that they want a pizza that has some fish in it, some prawns, some chicken, some veggies and then some fruits? What would you say? Does such a pizza even exist? 

The answer is yes. It exists and it's Sambal Surf and Turf. This is an all in one package and it tastes heavenly. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, call dominos  pizza delivery and order your donimos pizza promo now. 

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  1. di antara banyak pizza, domino aku suka bangetttt :D. Rasa fav ku tuna delight. itu tunanya banyak, ga amis :D . walopun kalo ksana suka gonta ganti juga, ama rasa lain :D.

    1. waaahh.. samaan dong kita mbak. Favoritku di domino itu ya tuna delight juga. Beneran berasa tuna nya. Dan yeps, nggak amis. Love it


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